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we continue to donate and this time.....................

I am really happy i found a good guy "the owner of stakex token" , he gave me the ability to do something special send me a lot of money to donate,well i did instantly,let's go first donation made to wwf

Thank you so much for making a difference for vulnerable wildlife and their habitats around the world! Your generous gift of $25.75 will help save species from extinction, stop deforestation and many other threats to nature and people, and protect our natural resources. Your donation also makes you a member of WWF.


First lending to

We are glad to continue to donate
A loan of $400 helps a member to purchase a solar light, as well as hybrid seeds and fertilizer to improve harvests of maize.
we donated a part 25$

kiva donation

We are very happy to announce a partnership with Papercoin

not part of the charity coin world, joins the needycoin cause for charity

Papercoin the cryptocurrency for paper and tobacco articles.Papercoin is a cryptocurrency for buying tobacco and smoking items.The idea is to create an international payment system through the blockchain,an inviolable and completely decentralized technology.Papercoin was issued on WAVES blockchain .Papercoin was created to be adopted by sellers and buyers of tobacco and smokers'items worldwide.

We are very happy to announce a partnership with Asgcoin

A new blockchain was born on 03/10/2018, we are proud to present “Asgcoin” (ASGC ticker) the payment system for kindergartens.

ASG Coin is a totally decentralized payment system based on the independent launch of the WAVES blockchain (waves).

The ASG project is aimed at becoming a payment system for nursery parents in order to pay the monthly fees and the work done by the educators. The proceeds of the capitalization will be used to open new nurseries and facilities so that even the less wealthy social classes can allow their children to receive assistance from the nurseries of the ASG coin circuit.
We want to spread our project first in Italy and then in Europe by creating a payment circuit for Asgcoin kindergartens because teaching is a human right that every person must receive even if he is not able to have it because of his economic conditions .
This is why we have coined 300,000,000 ASG coins and we intend to be listed in at least five exchanges that may embrace our humanitarian cause.
If you want to support our project, follow the roadmap and buy one of the ASG coin packages in the launch offer you find on this official website.
You will also have made a strong contribution that will ensure that some children receive the right education and the right love they deserve.

We are very happy to announce a partnership with Biblepay

Two coins born to help the needy, Needycoin and Biblepay, forge a partnership to strengthen the presence of those who believe that giving is a duty. Biblepay has been online since 2017 and has distributed thousands of dollars to needy children. We will help them by listing the BBP on needyex and collecting as much as possible with your donations, thank you.